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Alternate CMS can be deployed anywhere Python is supported

Because Alternate CMS is a colleciton of Django based apps working together. It can be deployed anywhere that supports Python (and python framework Django). It also supports all the same web server and deployment tools that support Django and Python, making it easier to deployed.

Docker support

Because of its flexibility, Alternate has built in Docker support and to get started you have to download docker for your operating system.

For windows and Mac, download Docker Desktop here

For Linux, you will have to install docker following these guides

Once docker is setup on your machine, now just run two commands to build and deploy your system.

  • docker-compose build # Build Alternate CMS docker image to prepare it for Docker deployment
  • docker-compose up -d # Deploys Alternate CMS to Docker (usually takes about 10 minutes depending on your setup and system.)

Now access your application at:

localhost:8000 (Front-end)

localhost:8000/admin (Back-end)

Deploy using PM2

The following process can be completed on Windows, Mac, and Linux

You can install pm2 through npm.

  • Open your terminal
  • Make sure you have Nodejs installed by typing node -v and also npm -v
  • If both are installed then install PM2 with the following commands:

$ npm install pm2@latest -g


$ yarn global add pm2

  • If node isn't install, install it here:

Once PM2 is installed, to launch AlternateCMS run these commands:

pm2 start ecosystem.config.js

now your process is running even if you close your terminal

Visit http://localhost:8000 for your frontend and http://localhost:8000/admin/ for your dashboard.