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Quick Start Guide

Alternate CMS is a powerful application that provides flexibility, security, stability, and speed. Quickly see end results with a 10 minute guide.

What you need to run Alternate CMS

Alternate CMS supports Windows, Linux, and Mac (tested on Windows)

Postgresql (also supports Mysql, SQlite, Mongodb) More info here

To change database, go to shop/ file and update database section with database you want.

You will also need Git, Text Editor such as Visual Studio Code, and Python 3

git clone

cd Alternate-CMS

virutalenv env

env\scripts\activate (On Linux: source env\bin\activate)

pip install -r requirements.txt

python migrate

python createsuperuser

python runserver

Frontend is located at localhost:8000

Administration area (dashboard) is located at localhost:8000/admin/